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As you’ll have seen in our last blog post, we are passionate about what we stand for, with product quality being the core of our brand.

Our personalised art prints are printed in house, with the paper cut by hand to size. Do you know why? I haven’t found a paper that’s up to my standards smaller than A3 yet, so I personally cut A3 230GSM sheets down to size. Crazy? Maybe (Anyone else singing Carly Rae Jepson right now?) But that way I know every single Casa Lola print reaches the standard that I expect for my customers.

Printed with the finest inks, the vibrancy of the prints is breathtaking. Each print is then packed in a lovely cello bag, and sealed with a luxury glossy Casa Lola sticker. We also pop one of our lovely “Welcome to the family” business cards in.

The reason we pack our prints so nicely, is so that you can gift them as they are – no frames needed and already a beautiful gift. Of course, a lot of our customers like to frame the prints (and if you want them in a specific size for a certain frame, we can do that too at no extra cost) but that way, you have the option of saving some money if you have a budget to stick to – afterall, we know how hard it is to find stunning gifts that don’t come with a stunning price tag!

Our cushions are also produced with a focus on quality. We work with an amazing production partner that takes our designs and prints them – they have over 30 years experience in the business – and then sew the cushions for us. There is a teeny tiny team making these cushions by hand, so you know your order is receiving the care and attention it deserves.

The cushions are super soft, and squidgy – and designed to be loved! The colour quality is beautiful, and you could cuddle them for hours. We’ve worked hard to source a supplier that means we can keep our costs down. The reason we were passionate to do this was so that you can freshen up existing interiors by purchasing multiple soft furnishings. It’s an expensive game to totally redecorate, but when you can have amazing quality cushions that you can swap in and out of your design scheme, the room suddenly rocks a whole new vibe. I’m totally into Danish design, and the notion of Hygge. The Dane’s know where it’s at when it comes to using accessories to make a cosy home, and if you’d like to immerse yourself in the world of Danish living, “The Year of Living Danishly” is a lovely little read. Anyway, I digress…

Whether it’s a personalised initial cushion placed in a nursery, a tropical delight added to a minimal interior to inject some colour, or a personalised photo cushion given as a gift – Casa Lola’s got your back (would you like a cushion to lean on?)

The best bit of our cushions for us is the Secret Message element – to be able to have a double sided option was very important to us, as it’s a way to create a true keepsake with your message featured for years to come.

And of course, there’s our phone cases. Now these are something pretty darn special. We went through the ringer to find a supplier that could supply us with phone cases that were up to the Casa Lola standard. We discovered the hard way that most companies use the same blanks (Made in China) that are poor quality and likely to snap quickly. So, we took it in hand to find someone who designed their own blanks that stood up to quality testing.

Our production partners design their own blank cases from scratch, to make sure they are thick enough in places others snapped, a good overall thickness and were even able to have a 3D wraparound design.

The cases are rigorously tested in the UK lab (it’s SO cool there!) They get drop tested, rub tested, scratch tested, crushed, and even attacked by a group of hungry dobermans…ok, so maybe not that last one. However, we don’t stop there.

It’s really easy for a company to tell you that their products are awesome quality, but how do you know if they are being honest? Well, people like us get the big guns in product testing involved. Our phone cases are independently product quality certified by the awesome TÜV SÜD so you know they really do say what we tell you they do. With every personalised phone case printed and then finished by hand with a painted gloss or matte coat, you know that your case won’t scratch, fade or wear like a normal case does. Not only that, but they come with a Lifetime Guarantee too! We are so confident that our cases will stand the test of time that if they don’t for any reason, our production partners will replace them for you, for free. How cool is that?

As you can see, nothing happens at Casa Lola by accident. We live and breathe our brand, and we want every customer to have a show stopping experience when they shop with us. From product quality to design, every single element of what we do is carefully created with the consumer experience and customer journey in mind. After all, it’s not just us that make up our brand – YOU are Casa Lola.

Word of mouth recommendation is the aim of the game for Casa Lola, because if you have a great experience and a wonderfully awesome product, you’ll want to spread the word. We love that our customers want to share how happy their products have made them with their friends and family, it makes our hearts happy!

We could talk about Casa Lola all day, but judging by the amount of referrals that reach us each month, it seems our products are already doing all of the talking for us.


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