The Rebranding of Me

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As another year comes to an end, it’s that time again where we all make ourselves false promises of a new start come January 1st. But it doesn’t have to be that way – and I’m going to tell you my story of a new start, one that I didn’t need to wait until a new year resolution forced me to make it.

I’m going to work backwards here, just to do things differently, because would you expect anything else at Casa Lola?

First of all, this is me. This is my mug, the face behind the brand, the founder of Casa Lola.  You can imagine this narrative coming from my brain, through my hands, and into my blog. I don’t have a team of people that I outsource to produce my social media or website content – and that’s because I am authentically emotionally invested in my brand and my customers.

I’m not going to share some specially posed lifestyle shoot where you see me staring into a coffee cup with a wry smile, or I’m walking down the street laughing looking I’ve just stepped out of the next catalogue. Nope. This is me, warts and all,  top coming undone and smudged makeup. Chilling in my favorite place with my holiday hair – our house in spain where my family live. It is where I am truly happy, and the genuine happiness on my face here is what I want to recreate for each and every customer of mine at Casa Lola (starting to see why we’re called ‘Casa’ Lola now?)

December 2017 marks the launch of our new rebrand. You’ll of seen our swish new graphics rolling out across the socials, and brand spanking new logos and marketing images. We’ve new fonts, new products and more importantly, a whole new me.

The new branding sees an upgrade from the style we launched with, taking things from a flat and simple black, to a lovely new softer watercolour greyscale style.  Our fonts have seen a change to include a new san serif and handwritten typographical combination, creating a clean and clear but welcoming style.

The new tagline of “welcome to the family” has been born from the increasing amounts of customers joining the Casa Lola community and relays the ideology of the brand. Casa Lola is a lifestyle brand – you don’t just buy from us and become “a number”, we remember, we welcome you, and you become a part of the Casa Lola brand. After all, it’s you that is helping us write our story.

When Casa Lola started,  I’d always had a passion that it should encompass the idea of building a brand community, not just selling products. Having specialised in branding at kingston university, I have a passion for learning about brands that carefully craft themselves to enable their purchasers to become part of a wider narrative. From Apple and it’s die-hard product fans, right through to Harley Davidson owners and their owner’s club, I believe the most successful brands are ones that offer an environment for a brand community to develop. I have dreams of customers talking about their products, sharing photos of their latest purchase, and more than anything – becoming friends with one another through a shared passion of a lust for life.

Whilst every small business owner is grateful to its customers, there is an extra special reason I am so pleased you are here along for the ride. The year of 2016/17 was the worst of my life.  Everything that could go wrong, did. There were so many awful times that some days made me feel I would never see the positives in life again.  But, I did. I came out fighting and I launched my brand, determined to make something epic happen in the year I turned 30. My life slowly rebuilt, and I have continued on a journey through mental health and happiness that has made me who I am today, the strong, passionate and extra caring Hana you meet in December 2017.

Whilst I’ve been on this journey that I have named “the rebranding of me”, I’ve learnt so much. I challenge myself to read every day. To learn something new every day. I do yoga, I meditate, and I practice the law of attraction.  And my life has never been so positive. You’ll notice a lot of positive affirmations in my work, from “you’ve totally got this” through to “make life a beautiful adventure”.
This is because, even if we don’t realise it, if we repeat positive mantras daily, it can really impact your life. Sounds like a load of mumbo jumbo right? I promise you, it works. Just try it. From one skeptic to another – give it a go! Someone who inspires me daily is Tony Robbins, and if you fancy an uplifting soul-searching documentary, I highly recommend “Tony Robbins: I’m Not Your Guru” (you can catch it on Netflix)

So the long and the short of this is that I’ve learnt a lot on my journey to find “me”, and it’s all this positive energy I channel into Casa Lola. The biggest breakthrough I had this year? I learnt to believe in myself.  And I want every single Casa Lola purchaser to believe in themselves too. You know why? Because, no-one can do you like you do.

We’re one big family here at Casa Lola – and I love that you’ve chosen to come along for the ride. Let’s write the next chapter together.

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