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Here at Casa Lola, we love animals. Furry ones, fluffy ones, feathered ones and scaly ones. The friendship and love they bring to our lives is simply wonderful - a look from a pet can speak a thousand words. The way we communicate with no words spoken, the heartbeats that connect although there is silence. 

We have two furry friends at Casa Lola HQ - a malshi dog called Dexter and a big podgy cashmere lop rabbit called Monty. I adore them both - they are my go to for cuddles, and Dexter is never found far from my feet. The loyalty and love he shows me is heart-warming, and it makes me smile just as much today as it did the day we brought him home in 2012. 

A tiny bundle of white fluff, Dexter came into our lives as a result of a mistaken mating between a shitzu and a maltese in Harlow, Essex. We saw an advert for a litter of puppies and knew he was the one for us. We've never looked back and he is the sweetest, kindest, most loving dog that I've ever met. 

Monty, our house bunny, is the other animal shaped part of our hearts. He is just...amazing! Monty was our first pet as adults, and he arrived into our family as a really tiny, little scruffy ball with enormous ears and a tiny nose. As I was at uni at the time, I wasn't allowed pets in my halls of residence. My long-suffering boss at the time agreed that I could have Monty as an office pet, as I worked opposite my halls. Every morning Monty and I would smuggle our way out of the building and into the office, and do the same at nighttime where he would have the run of the studio apartment we lived in in the halls. 

He turned out to be the most chilled and relaxed rabbit ever due to all of our adventures, and I am so proud of what a lovely boy he is. He is so gentle and loving, and you'll find him hopping around Casa Lola HQ 24/7. 

Whilst it's wonderful to have pets in your life, it is, of course, heartbreaking when you have to say goodbye to them. I had the honour of having a border collie for 14 years of my life as our family dog, and he really was my best friend. We did everything together, grew up together, and he gave me cuddles through every tough teenage time. He knew what I needed just by looking at me, and his love was endless. I like to think he chose me, rather than the other way round. We'd been to Battersea Dog's Home, and they had a collie cross puppy that we were considering. We had gone with my godmother, and she said she had a friend who had a litter of 5 month old border collies that we should see to judge what size the puppy would be. Well....we arrived, and Ditto, my boy, ran straight out, ignored the other 4 people that were with us and jumped straight up to me at the back of the group. That was the moment he stole my heart. 

Not only did he steal my heart, but he also broke my heart the day it was his time to go. A day after his 14th birthday we had to say goodbye, and I still long for one more cuddle with my boy.  

Losing a pet is an indescribable pain. You feel silly that you are so heartbroken over something that isn't a human. But, a pet can mean even more to us than a person. They don't judge you, and they never stop loving you - so it's only natural that our souls become intertwined. 

When I designed this product, I wanted something that could bring peace to someone experiencing the loss of a pet. So many people look for pet memorial items - we long for a way to remember our best friends. Kind friends looking for gifts for a grieving loved one search for a perfect pet memorial gift to capture a memory. Of course, one of the main things you miss when you lose a pet is the cuddles. The snuggly warmth of their fur that makes everything feel right in the world. 

That's when I came up with the Casa Lola pet memorial cushions. Featuring a photo of your beloved pet on the front of the cushion, you can choose to have their name on the back or even a special quote. A pet memorial cushion is a lovely way to remember you pet - something you can not only cherish but also cuddle and hold tight too. 

If you'd like to purchase one of our pet memorial cushions that are handmade with the love and care they deserve, you can find them here: XXX

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