The New Face Of Modern Mexicana

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One of 2018’s hottest trends is Modern Mexicana. From llamas to pom poms, you can expect to see a vibrant mix of corals, pinks and greens to hit the high street this year.

Here at Casa Lola we love colour and vibrancy, so nothing makes us happier than to know a colourific takeover is coming to the world of design this year. With Pantone’s colour of the year being released for 2018 as Ultra-Violet, it’s safe to say we as a nation are embracing a love of all things colour and giving bright and attention-grabbing interior schemes centre-stage.

It’s not just interiors that have seen an emergence of Mexicana, with even the likes of Disney Pixar embracing the world of Dia De Los Muertos in 2018’s first film hit, Coco. I love the notion of Dia De Los Muertos - a way to celebrate those who have passed, and bring joy in their memory. It's something we choose to celebrate in our household, and I love that we are raising the Casa Lola mini to celebrate the lives that were lived, rather than to focus on the sorrow of loss.  

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For the past year or so we’ve seen elements of Modern Mexicana creeping into shops across the board, but it’s 2018 that is going to see the Llama become the new Unicorn.

Combined with multi-coloured pom pom garlands, rainbow bunting and luxury faux furs, the versatile nature of the Llama means the animal translates well across products for both children and adults, with their cute faces proving hard to resist whether you’re 5 or 50! From cartoon styles for youngsters, through to watercolour styles for adults, Llamas are a trend that’s here to stay.

Our latest design Llama Fiesta™ can be personalised with any name and ties in not only Modern Mexicana and Llamas, but succulents and cacti too – another huge trend for 2017/2018 that’s shown true staying power.

With a customisable colour background, the possibilities are endless. Got a colour scheme that you need to match? No prob-llama! (See what we did there?) Just send us a photo to hello@casaloladesigns.co.uk and we’ll match your colour.

If your looking for a quirky Llama to join your adult decor scheme, why not opt for our Drama Llama™ print.  Again, we can match the background colour to any that you’d like!

He’s super sassy and sure to make you smile.

What do you think of the Llama trend? Are you excited to see these little fellas hitting the shops? We think they’re great!


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